The nature of Polish Cuisine

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“The Nature of Polish Cuisine” is the second book by Wojciech Modest Amaro presenting native Polish cuisine in an unconventional way. This time he goes back to the very heart of nature in search of sublime flavour combinations, often based on products that have been forgotten in Polish cuisine such as the cornelian cherry, quince and dog rose.

The prologue of the book was written by Honorary President of the International Academy of Gastronomy Sir Rafael Anson, and Rene Redzepi, chef and owner of Noma restaurant, elected to the best restaurant of 2010 worldwide, who wrote:

“When we opened Noma a couple of colleagues had been joking and thinking of funny names for our project. Only a few believed in an idea of restaurant that would be based only on our regional ingredients and the will to express local patriotism on a plate. Now things looks quite different and nobody dares to make fun of us anymore. We have proved that, with utmost focus, strong belief, engagement and patience we can manage completely new things. I can see the energy, strength and willpower that we had at the moment that Noma opened with Modest now. He believes in Poland, its culture, its nature and the diversity of its products. He believes, he can make it happen! I believe in Him!”


Polish Cuisine of the 21 Century

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The book “Polish Cuisine of the 21 Century” published by Wilga, 2009 has become an instant bestseller in the Polish market. On the 27 of September 2010 the book was rewarded with a Grand Prix de la Literature Gastronomique in Paris by the International Academy of Gastronomy in Paris.